September 23, 2017

Ep. 28 - sPLaSh!

You're upside down, you feel your phone slowly slide out of your pocket, you extend your arm in a desperate attempt to recover the air-born instrument, all while happening in slow motion - and THEN... the roller coaster continues and your realize your phone is GONE! One of many instances that Rix and Victor encountered since the age of CELL PHONES.  What else have they gone through?  Clue:  it's too intense to even put into text!  Though you should proceed with caution... "Hello?? Can you not appreciate the artisitic phenomena that's ocurring right in front of you?? B*tch get off dat fone", thought Victor as he and his scene partner rehearsed in front of a passerby.  What happens when you need pants temporarily but don't actually want to buy them? But what could possibly happen where somebody would put themselves in this type of situation?  For the betterment of entertainmnet, Rix and Victor divulge all in this episode of Stream of Thought...we hope you...enjoy...

September 20, 2017

Ep. 27 - Getting into GEAR!!

Vroom...vroom... VROOM!! Imagined Rix as he mounted his bicycle only to notice his tire was completely flat.  What happened? Sabotage!... Unlikely.  Listen as he describes the surgical procedure regarding his bicycle and the hiccups along the way.  A podcaster that stopped listening to podcasts!?!?  Victor currently put his podcast listening on hold as he dives back into music for a reason that will be sure to surprise you.  Who knew he cared so much and approached his project with such care and detail.  Ignorance is bliss... but that doesn't mean you can be an asshole.  An associate of Rix believes he has the right to use whatever language he pleases in reference to minorities because they're just "words"...bitch, please. Then... a surprising, yet pleasant, interruption sure to keep you on your feet.  We finally wrap things up with a tale of the past.  That's right, COLLEGE STORIES.  Victor shares the details as to the aftermath of a keg race that took place at his apartment Senior year.  

My what a long description... why are you still reading... click 'play' and ENJOY!


What happens when you've got way too much going on in your day, your dog starts barking for no reason and you're running behind on schedule? Then, thanks to your go-to liqour store changing locations down the street, you add a few extra minutes and miss your train. So what's one to do  Well, Victor has his own solutions that feed his growing motivation to NOT drive anymore.

Nothing eases the unease of a stressful day like our favorite segment, Fun With Words! Is Rix as smart as he thinks he is? Victor tests him with some unusual words he found in preparing for a scene in his class at Second City Chicago.

And finally, a special moment witnessed by Rix after their last episode.  All we'll say is that it involved a language barrier coming down in an instant and a transformation of humanity you have to witness firsthand to understand.

In a light-hearted episode number 26, we hope you... enjoy!


BELTS! BELTS! BELTS! Ever get that, "My pants don't fit" feeling?  We do!  Why do they fit so snug in the store and after a few months they seem to be too loose? Mystery solved during this episode of Stream of Thought.  Not really but it's entertaining for a few moments before Victor discusses his encounter with a homelessman and how that man stole his beer. Remember back in school when rumors were deemed as facts.  Interesting how today's world also finds slander to be incontrovertibly true, especially when it deals with public figures even though the individuals on social media no nothing about them.  Yes, there were, are, and still to come moments in YOUR life that can be put under a microscope to make you look like a demon even though you're an angel at heart.  /ejəˈkāSH(ə) What is the ultimate outcome? Grades or a nostaligic journey to enlightenmnet? ADDERALL!!! Listen as Rix and Victor discuss their vast differences of opinion regarding our education system, and more importanly, their personal experience.  Buckle Up, Bitch.  It's GO TIME!

September 9, 2017

Ep. 24 - The Hills Have Eyes

Welcome back! Six whole days since our last episode.  That makes it almost a whole week.  That was a close one! *Sigh of Relief*. Victor finally has his car back? What was the total damage? Rix takes a few guesses.  Over or under $1200? Remember that PSA announcement from the 1970s to "Keep America Beautiful"? No? It's the the one with the Native American shedding a single tear.  Yes, that one.  Well, we talk a little bit about recycling, carbon footprints and what we currently do (and don't do) that contribue toward the downfall of humanity and it's lack of respect toward Mother Nature. WE'VE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!  What is it?  BOOBS. What? Like when you were in 4th grade and entered 5-8-0-0-8 on the calculator and then flipped it upside down.  Rix knew of somebody that was written up for sexual harassment because he stared at a woman's cleavage for one too many milliseconds (be careful guys). Another contrasting opinion between Rix and Victor is sure to set your socks on fire and make you rethink our cultural norms. Get on the bus and strap yourself in.  Here we gooooooo...*hands in the air, sharp descend into oblivion, stomach drops*  (ENJOY!!!!!)


Ever have that feeling where you're about to DIE!??? Victor has, and it's not the first time. Learn how a shoelace almost got the best of him. Rix a demon-child? Never! His middle name is, "Damien"??? Not really, but you're about to be exposed to the tip of the iceberg. Vroom Vroom VROOM!! Not so much for Victor, his car has been in the shop all week. Will the repair be over or under $1200? PLAY BALL! Rix is actually not that great of a softball player as he made himself out to be in one of our previous episodes. Remember that scene in The Sandlot where we're introduced to Scotty Smalls?  It's kind of like that... 

August 31, 2017

Ep. 22 - Need for SPEED!!

"I've got one speed... GO!", said Rix whilst he screamed maniacally down a quiet, peaceful suburban road at 95mph. And Victor?  He was pulled over and nearly arrested after reaching +105mph down I-290.  Grab your brandy, grab your cigar and join the two fireside as they converse over the matters of reckless driving, innocent, yet annoying human behaviors, the age of social media and savory, delectable eye candy...  enjoy...


It’s episode 21, and it’s time to pArTy!!!. Victor's friends from good ol' Indan'r come to Chicago where they have no choice but to get a little silly. Beer you say? Wine you say? FIREBALL you say? However, upon transitioning to the next day somewhere between 5:30am and 10:00am (when Victor finally slept) his body saught revenge for the damange he'd done.

On a more positive note, Rix shares a few tasty recipes he enjoys preparing for himself that are sure to whet your appetite.  Victor could care less as time and effort are two things he wishes NOT to partake in when making food.

The two then wrap up by talking about Unity, Truth and Virtue in the age of adolescence. With that being said, we hope you... enjoy *insert tribal rhythm and nicotine monkey here*


August 24, 2017

Ep. 20 - Breakfast Blend

Coffee or Tea?  YOU DECIDE! According to Victor, tea is the obvious choice but knowing Rix, he will probably analyze both scenarios, gather the pros and cons from each side and then draw an unbiased but sound conclusion as to what to ingest.  Moving on... wait, what's that? Victor's boss is mysteriously fired!?!?  Was it prostitutes? Probably not, but just in case it was, Victor had nothing to do with it... or did he?

Life is Life.  wtf? Be sure to listen all the way through Victor and Rix discuss meditation and prayer and what it means to be fully aware living in the present moment.  All Aboard the Learning Express! CHOO CHOO!



Great ideas should be followed with meticulous planning... should, but that's not always the case.  What prevented Rix and Victor from driving to Carbondale, IL to view the 2017 Solar Eclipse in its totality?  -> Detailed planning - Wah wah... But what's wrong with having no plan at all?  Everything according to Rix.

Animals, Animals, ANIMALS! What did Rix find in his backyard that almost made him crap his pants? How did Victor feel after a small creature evaded his trap?  And how did "thots" enter the conversation?  All of this and MORE on Stream of Thought!!


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