Welcome as Stream of Thought takes place simultaneously in both the Chicago and Minneapolis suburbs! How, you say? Victor and Rix record their phone conversation.  The two catch up on their usual antics since the time Rix moved to Minnesota. Conversation may include but not limited to: garden gnomes, feeding chipmunks and pop music. Listeners are advised.


What better way to start the morning than with a free pancake breakfast?? Caution: peculiar conversations with strange, old men ahead... Yes, there was a rather interesting encounter... What's the best way to earn free pizza? Emailing customer service. Bloop bleep bloop bleep -  does not compute - free pizza to fix dissatisfaction - bloop bleep bloop bleep... Ahhh, nature, so relaxing. Kick off your shoes and feel the negative energy melt away as your toes say hello to the grassy knoll...



Wow. Buckle Up and get ready for your mind to be BLOWN as Victor and Rix get super metaphysical on our understanding of the Universe and the perception we have of reality...


For Episode 92 of Stream of Thought, Christmas has come early for Victor! Rix brings in old family record albums and they sort through a collection of music that will bring back memories for anyone a fan of the 60s or 70s. 

Then, a "Ranting Rix" as Victor asks a question he knows will get a response from his counterpart. He shares his general sentiment on the state of the world and U.S. and a little info on what's going on with the global stage.

Victor follows up with a story about a walk in the woods to a film project he had a sinking feeling about. But he's in it for the experience and what his lastest role in a student film taught him is good advice for everyone.

And finally, we close with an update to Stream of Thought. We've got some changes coming and Rix shares a little about what'll be the future of our little podcast.

So, episode 92 of Stream of Thought, we hope you... enjoy!


Previously recorded, from the Chicago Suburbs, it's STREAM OF THOUGHT!!!!!! Rix and Victor kick things off talking about SNL and their latest opening sketch, when the two began walking the show on a regular basis and moments in televsion that everybody remembers. What!? Rix's family has vinyl records for Victor to sift through because they don't want them anymore? GOLD MINE (stay tuned for potential treasures). Thanos, a comic book character simply misunderstood what similarities do the Marvel world and real life planet Earth have in common?


Well today on episode 90 of Stream of Thought, we deal with the human psyche. Victor goes into an acting gig without knowing what exactly he's getting into, and both Rix and Victor discuss how a sour experience can turn into something... magical.


This of course goes into a deep dive on what makes a person a good person or an a-hole, and whether or not certain people can be reasoned with. There's quite a bit of back and forth and Victor and Rix discuss what is acceptable in the public sphere.


An intense and thought-provoking episode, we launch into episode 90 with abandon, and as always, we hope you... enjoy!

April 29, 2018

Ep. 89 - Dragon Energy

Wait, so the Donald and Kanye West are buds?? Anything can happen in America. #Kanye2020. Apparently Donald Trump has a soft spot for parades, glowing orbs and jelly beans. Animal Critters! What does Victor aspire to do someday? Build a humble abode with little creatures like that scene in Ace Ventura when he walks into his apartment and they all come out of their hiding place to show him affection and love. Awwww... Also, Rix's fascination with Beyonce.  Who knew he was such a fan!?

April 26, 2018

Ep. 88 - Life Skillz



On episode 88 of Stream of Thought, Victor and Rix touch off their conversation with a conversation on some basic life skills. Should everyone know how to do certain things? Spell, swim, start a fire? Should others think less of you if you don't have a certain life skill? We discuss.

Then, we hit the first turn of our 400 meter dash with the joy and thrill of sports during childhood, along with the agony of waking up with little sleep every morning as a youth.

But we're young and stupid, so we obviously go into some of our dumber choices as children and how those events reflect on our personalities now as adults.

A nice stroll through the park, Episode 88 will fill with you nostalgia, and as always, we hope you... enjoy

April 22, 2018

Ep. 87 - Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Not every story has a happy ending, especially when last year Victor made an attempt to save and care for a piece of Mother Nature on this special day. Flip-flopper!! *points finger* Shame. Shame. Shame. Yes, people are allowed to change their minds as they evolve into more intuitive and open-minded human beings, even politicians. What's on TV? Nothing, because most of today's great programming is available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Rix and Victor discuss the drastic change in entertainment since their upbrining in the 1990's (whoa, the 1900's...). And finally, Summer ACTIVITIES!!! Summer movies and the pool are right around the corner!

April 21, 2018

Ep. 86 - Eigthy-Six

No way!? An impromptu trip to Los Angeles to escape the nasty Midwest weather!? Kewl. Airfare: cheap and basic versus high class. You're hired, no wait, now you're fired.


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