December 13, 2017

Ep. 50 - God Bless America

Doug Jones (D) has WON Alabama and America is saved… for the time being. What a monumental upset for Roy Moore (R), and half the state of Alabama, whose values lie in an outdated and prejudiced culture. SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! FOOTBALL! Fantasy leagues.  Are they a nuisance to the cognitive development of human beings or just innocent fun? Rix and Victor go head-to-head. Last, but not least, bad drivers. Tf are you doing, bro? Rix and Victor share a few stories regarding cars, bicycles and pedestrians.


Sleep. Who needs it? Rix and Victor start things off by addressing Victor's awkward and slightly inconvenient sleep pattern. CHOO! CHOO! Another ride on the Metra equates to an interesting encounter with a new personality. Steel Toe boots and wireless headphones; who would've thought the two had such a profound impact on people's lives? A true marvel of epic proportions.  Chocolate. Cioccolato. Chocolat. What better way to wrap things up than to touch on the intoxicating wonders of chocolate!? Welcome as we make a pitstop on the way to 50 EPISODES! We hope you... enjoy!


We are BACK for another episode of Stream of Thought and on #48 we start off with Victor’s brief cameo in Chicago Med, season 3 episode 2 (about 5 minutes from the end) and whether Victor with do extra work in the near future. 

Then, it’s the Metra, the Chicago way to travel. Will conductors let you off on the middle of the track? Turns out, if you’re annoying enough they will. Which leads us down the rabbit hole of human psychology. Rix tries to convince Victor it’s so much better than trusting in your own direction... whether his argument holds any weight is another story.

And finally, we transition into a conversation on the guilt of donating money to a free church event. Is there some guilt there? Maybe churches could do a better job of not intimidating new potential members? And do non profits spend money as efficiently as they could. Rix breaks down this dynamic from his academic and personal experience in this sector.

An engaging and entertaining conversation sure to shine a light on new topics, episode number 48, and as always, we hope you... enjoy!


Prior to getting back on track with the trip Minnesota, Rix and Victor briefly go over the final performance of Second City's, Sabotage!. What did Victor learn over the course of this 5-week show and what were his overall thoughts?  But back to the MAIN SQUEEZE! Minnesota! "Fire and Fury" as Rix likes to put it.  Listen as he describes his adventure through a forest, the fire he witnessed and the lack of servitude local law enforcement embodies.  The two finish things off with a few airport experiences. Upon Rix's return home he landed 40 minutes early.  Wow!  But it's not all that glamourous when he describes what happened next.  As we encroach 50 episodes of Stream of Thought, take a stop at number 47!  We hope you... enjoy!


What happens up in the Great White North? No not, Canada, but about as close as you can get, as Rix visits friends up in the Twin Cities, spending time doing some out-of-the-ordinary things.

First and foremost, a new phone??? After toilets and cracked screens, Rix's iPhone 4s goes out of commission in a weird twist of fate, just in time to capture some sweet video from his first tailgate at the University of Minnesota, something Victor has been able to relate to from his own Big Ten college experience.

Then, a Friendsgiving filled with drinks and revelry, Cards Against Humanity and a good old fashion Alabama football loss (YAY), all of which paint a bigger picture Rix and Victor break down.

And finally, MISCOMMUNICATION. Rix was angry at Victor for failing to record an episode Sunday. Victor needed to prove his point that he wasn't at fault. So who was right? In a twist, we discover something about human nature and the better angles of our nature.

With a fun-filled episode of Stream of Thought, our 46th adventure starts now, and we hope you... enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for, like this entertaining podcast that gives us so many laughs.  Rix and Victor start things out by discussing family dynamics; the pros and cons of small/large gatherings.  What's the best part about Thanksgiving?  No, not family. That response is both lame and cliché.  FOOD! Duh.  What your favorite dish? But in all seriousness, a lot to be thankful for as Rix and Victor share how they've grown since this time last year and what they hope to gain in the future.

November 19, 2017

Ep. 44 - 30 Going On 44

It's episode 44 for the big 30. It's Rix's birthday and he's out of his 20s. What does that mean? Aside from the fact that he's old now, it's a chance to reflect on the last 2 years to where he and Victor are now. There's a gift of socks and a story of pants patches that's sure to amuse and entertain.

Then, Victor's on full throttle at Second City where he tries to nail his 3rd show for SABOTAGE, and Rix recounts his jury duty this past week. From the subject of the law to an agent of the law, it's been quite a turn around that Victor and Rix reflect on.

And as comes the law, so too is there the question of morality, as the #metoo movement picks up steam, Victor remarks at the speed of the movement, and Rix vents about false Christian leaders embracing bad behavior as God's will.

And finally, a couple minutes on the nearly 6 months and 44 episode of Stream of Thought. For those joining up on the journey, we thank you for being a part of this and as always, we hope you... enjoy!

November 16, 2017

Ep. 43 - Let’s Play Ball

There comes a time when every person needs to take a stand, even... if not especially, in times where you've made a mistake and must confront consequences.

What if those consequences themselves aren't fair, or even morally wrong?

Rix takes the approach that two wrongs don't make a right as he shares and exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience going up against a debt collector for an actually trial, and his attempt to take on the man.

Showing up is half the battle... and sometimes it’s even more than that. Victory or defeat, we are sure you'll enjoy Episode number 43 of Stream of Thought.


Welcome back to Stream of Thought! On today’s episode Victor recaps his experience during the second show of Second City’s, Sabotage.  Clue:  it was weird.  Why? Listen and find out! What’s next?  FOOTBALL. Which is more exciting, NCAA or the NFL? Rix and Victor discuss the different types of excitement the two levels bring, in addition to their predictions for the sport in the next 30-50 years. Whoa! Take it easy, Alabama. We get it.  “Y’all” love to marry your cousins but Senate candidate Roy Moore having relationships with teenage girls is totally different.  I guess it's okay since according to Alabama state the legal age for consent is 16-years of age? Uh, barf.  And last but certainly not leas, WINTER. Fuck that... unless we're ice fishing.  All aboard the entertainment express.  Episode 42 here we come!  We hope you... enjoy!


What happens after the show? A whole lot of crazy, unexpected and revealing things...

Victor and Rix share their perspectives on Victor's latest show, "Sabatoge", airing at Second City for a limited time. It's a sketch comedy that showcases some great improv ability, but what's really of interest are the personalities behind the characters they play.

And so, in a twist of fate, Rix is able to make the show, talk with Victor's colleagues and get a taste of the unpredictable and unexpected in the after party. Rix gives his HONEST feedback for Victor's performance, and they discuss just how valuable that feedback is coming from an outsider.

Filled with twists and turns, laughs and cringes, another episode of Stream of Thought not to miss is right ahead. So with that being said, we hope you... enjoy!


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