On Episode 85 of Stream of Thought, Victor and Rix make the weather a little better by talking about the joys of “getting adjusted.”

Then, a trip down memory lane and Victor discovers a newspaper from 1993 in the Chicago Tribune right after Michael Jordan announced his first retirement from the game.

And finally, TV shows and favorites. As you might guess, both Victor and Rix have very different takes on their top five. Tune in to find out! And as always, we hope you... enjoy!


What better way to start to the podcast than a trip to the DMV.  *Hulk Voice* RIX ANGRY. RIX THINK OTHER PEOPLE STUPID. RIX... DESTROY!!!!! Easy, big fella. What's got this guy wound up? Find out in our segment, "Ranting Rix". Mystery Solved. Victor finds out why one of his movie making experiences was so... abstract. 


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Victor shares with us his overjoyous experience on the set of "Moon Miner", his not so great experience on a different student film and some of unanticipated observations.  Tide pod challenge (igesting poison), reforming gun laws (challenging the status quo, yay!) and now the condom snorting challenge (how did we get back to this nonsenese?). Seriously, America? How did our youth get here? Oh, that's right, the Interwebs. "You Can't See Me" Yes, we can, John Cena, and your words are both entertaining and enlightening.


Well, episode 82 of Stream of Thought is a rumble of sorts, starting with the sad news of a shooting at YouTube in their headquarters in California. But after remarking on the state of affairs for online personalities, Victor and Rix change gears to talk about pranks, how gullible a person can be and some other mischief. 

Then, in reflection on the Easter season and family time, Rix shares an experience of a surprise confrontation and happens when two people on the same side of an issue disagree. But we round it all out with looking at family and Victor's heritage, what that meant for him growing up and what assimiliation into the American culture looks like.

So in yet another entertaining and rolling episode of Stream of Thought, here's episode 82, and as always, we hope you... enjoy


Amazing how tiny, little adjustments can have the most magnanomous effects.  What minute changes did Victor make on his cellphone that make it feel brand new?? What was the catalyst for one of these changes? The attempt to download an app. Find out which app and what Rix has to say about the short and long-term effects. Hint:  it has to do with busniess models.  Dranks on Dranks on DRANKS at Mariono's with their $2 craft beer special; an introduction to 21st century shopping.  Thank YOU, creativity!


Welcom back!  On this episode of Stream of Thought Rix recaps his trip downtown Chicago for the March for Our Lives rally at Union Park. What an event! Then, a Facebook fallout? Potential government regulation, why? Because even those whose arguments are incoherent, impulsive and hold no tangible evidence somehow find a way to make equal, if not more, noise than our country's most distinguished scholars and professionals, thus contributing to the hinderence of our youth's intellectual voracity. On a happier note, remember social media before it became social media? Prior to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media as we know it, was a more loving and kindred spirit... yes, we're talking about AOL Instant Messenger.  Victor and Rix reminisce on the nostalgia of instant messaging well before the era of text messages and social media.

March 25, 2018

Ep. 79 - Dr. Shannen Boyd

check out Shannen at www.doctorboyd.com!

Stream of Thought is back with another guest!  SHANNEN BOYD! *confetti/airhorns/flashing lights* Shanen went to high school with Victor and Rix. She's also a chiropractor who has her own practice at HealthSource in Wheaton, IL. 

We take time to talk health and wellness, tech, and travel back in time with some high school memories. Victor and Rix learn a bunch as Shannen schools listeners on some pretty simple facts about the body and how simple changes can make your life so much better!

There's lots of laughs and giggles in this episode, along with some deeper insights and conversations. So with that being said, sit back and listen to Episode 79 with Dr. Shannen Boyd, and as always, we hope you... enjoy


As organized and efficient Rix claims to be, the erratic and nonsensical placement of his toiletries prove otherwise. Can anybody tell us why Square Dancing is the state dance for nearly half the country? Rix can! And it's origins will shock you! If you were ever that kid in gym class that always got his ass whooped in wrestling, you and Victor have something in common. Ever wonder why we use the term "Proof" to describe the amount of alcohol in liquor? Rix and Victor go head to head.


What better way to begin the podcast than to successfully avoid a conversation with those you don't wish to encounter. Listen as Victor's intuition saved them from a potentially time-consuming conversation with the cleaning lady. Technology. How quickly today's innovations turn obsolete. Take a stroll down memory lane as the two reminisce on old shutter cameras, flip phones and floppy disks.  Indianapolis, Indian'r: the Crossroads of America.  The pros and cons of Chicago vs. Indianapolis.

March 14, 2018

Ep. 76 - SHOTGUN!

WHOA!! Victor and Rix are all over the place in the 76th episode of Stream of Thought.  A few hard turns and abrupt stop and starts as they mention. The two hop around from talking about Donald Trump's diet (Diet Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Coke!), the national high school walk-out and golf. Plenty more to get into but we'll stop it right here.  HINT:  fish banging movie? What?  Err.. nevermind.  Enjoy #76 as the two unload a couple rounds of shotgot blasts that are certain to keep you entertained. And as usual, we hope you... enjoy!



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