October 18, 2017

Ep. 35 - Medically Induced

Do you ever get that feeling...? Deep inside, where it bubbles and rises to the point where you can't contain it? Well, get ready for a similar roller coaster as Victor and Rix share experiences of that sick feeling that comes out of the blue and threatens to destroy everyone near to you. In this literally explosive take, we look at the dangers of not being on the same page as your stomach.

Speaking of gag reflexes, Victor visits the dentist! A fair warning to most of you out there, he's one of those people who actually takes care of his teeth, so once again, not a cavity to be found... although the rest of his visit was quite interesting.

And then, we round it out our medically induced show by a reflection on eye drops... which somehow leads us down the rabbit hole of corporate greed when it comes to selling us more than we could ever need.

A viscerally provocative show, we take on Episode 35 with gusto, and as always, we hope you... enjoy.


What's the huge upswing to working at a grocery store? Attractive women. I guess that's why Victor always provides the highest quality of customer service to only a select few, and one in particular.

Facebook, so popular yet so unreliable.  What? A majority of full grown adults receive their "news" from social media? For real? "What's the alternative, we just don't use Facebook" - says an author from the Huffington Post. Yeah, dude, we did just fine without it. Remember that time Facebook shut down it's AI bots because they created their own language that humans could not decipher?

How close are we to a new world order where technology preside over human beings? Will a digital frontier be inevitable? Find out on this episode of Stream of Thought! We hope you... enjoy.


The bill has come due for Harvey Weinstein, which according to the amount he paid out to his victims, probably wasn't high enough :-)

Anyways, the reason we talk about this on a new episode of Stream of Thought is that Victor's hopes at a future in "the Industry" will likely have something to do with the politics that created this whole mess. Rix gives a little insight from the New York Times story and asks the question: Where will Victor draw the line? You'll have to listen to find out.

Then we switch gears for a tasty segment we like to call "why has Victor been to McDonald's so many times these past few weeks?" Maybe it has something to do with the mystery of what interesting things will happen when he's waiting for his meal (which has definitely been taking WAY longer than it should).

And finally, some fun with gun regulation and politics. Not really, but it's a unique conversation between someone who doesn't follow the issue and someone who has followed it probably too much. Nothing too intense, and definitely no shouting over each other.

Strap in for the ride as we head into episode 32 of Stream of Thought! We hope you... enjoy


What's upset, distressed and can't be seen?? RIX!! lol

R:  "Dude, I was standing at the end of my driveway so you wouldn't have to pull in"

V:  "Dude, you're wearing all black and it's completely dark out".

R:  "And why's the volume all the way up!?!? My mom is SLEEPING!!!"

V:  "The volume's perfectly fine. Stop turning it down"

R:  "SERIOUSLY!? Sound carries.  I would know.  It's my house."

V:  "Well, the good news is we're not in front of your house anymore..."


In today's episode we learn why Rix's brain was turned upside down and inside out when Victor picked him up, but he can't have all the attention, so Victor briefly discusses the audition he had right before taping today's episode.  What's it like getting started?  How do you get an agent? What? People in that industry will try and take advantage of you?  Remember that time Victor and Rix had a YouTube channel and it was really fun until the three of them (and Neil) would get upset and stressed out over trivial matters?  Lol. We do.  Listen as the two shit on smaller YouTube channels, including themselves and how they have so much more fun and excitement for podcasts.  And the mystery topic of the day is... you'll have to listen to find out.  Hint:  It inolves Victor standing his ground and another person getting upset that he can't be controlled.  31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 - Episode 31 - We hope you... ENJOY!

October 1, 2017

Ep. 30 - Down and Dirty

Who would've thought Rix likes to get DOWN and DIRTY!? Listen as he shares his story from his Tough Mudder race where he trudged through grime, scaled slick walls and flipped giant tires! What an experience! What's next on his list of EXTREME activities? Polar Plunge? Skydiving? Swimming with sharks?  Maybe just the polar plunge for now.  Rix and Victor share their favorite moments of adrenaline, excitement and injury as they look back and share what gave them the utmost joy growing up; and it wasn't the cheap, dumb-looking, extra safe, plastic constructions today's society attempts to pass off as playgrounds.  Give us burning, hot aluminum slides, give us sand that gets in our eyes, give us narrow, steel bars with reminants of paint that have traces of mercury! Give us PLAY!!!

September 28, 2017

Ep. 29 - Blast from the Past!

Memes & Models, Models & Memes - what event prompted Victor to favor these two areas of Instagram? "Rix Thorsell...resident novelist", that was front page of the March 2006 issue of The Glen Bard, their high school newspaper, which they randomly came across as they walked in to the office.  Victor, a party animal?  Hear what happened when he threw a party at his house back in high school and how his mom found out.  What awards did the two receive at their Senior Most Awards??  Hint: it fit them quite well.  Also, Rix, a rule-break?? Why did he toss his morals out the window and do away with his oath to not drink until the age of 21?  No, it was not peer pressure, but a meticulously, calculated decision that gave him solace inside of his grueling and near intolerable regiment.  Take a trip down memory lane as the two look back on high school experiences on this episode of Stream of Thought, and as usual... we hope you... enjoy...

September 23, 2017

Ep. 28 - sPLaSh!

You're upside down, you feel your phone slowly slide out of your pocket, you extend your arm in a desperate attempt to recover the air-born instrument, all while happening in slow motion - and THEN... the roller coaster continues and your realize your phone is GONE! One of many instances that Rix and Victor encountered since the age of CELL PHONES.  What else have they gone through?  Clue:  it's too intense to even put into text!  Though you should proceed with caution... "Hello?? Can you not appreciate the artisitic phenomena that's ocurring right in front of you?? B*tch get off dat fone", thought Victor as he and his scene partner rehearsed in front of a passerby.  What happens when you need pants temporarily but don't actually want to buy them? But what could possibly happen where somebody would put themselves in this type of situation?  For the betterment of entertainmnet, Rix and Victor divulge all in this episode of Stream of Thought...we hope you...enjoy...

September 20, 2017

Ep. 27 - Getting into GEAR!!

Vroom...vroom... VROOM!! Imagined Rix as he mounted his bicycle only to notice his tire was completely flat.  What happened? Sabotage!... Unlikely.  Listen as he describes the surgical procedure regarding his bicycle and the hiccups along the way.  A podcaster that stopped listening to podcasts!?!?  Victor currently put his podcast listening on hold as he dives back into music for a reason that will be sure to surprise you.  Who knew he cared so much and approached his project with such care and detail.  Ignorance is bliss... but that doesn't mean you can be an asshole.  An associate of Rix believes he has the right to use whatever language he pleases in reference to minorities because they're just "words"...bitch, please. Then... a surprising, yet pleasant, interruption sure to keep you on your feet.  We finally wrap things up with a tale of the past.  That's right, COLLEGE STORIES.  Victor shares the details as to the aftermath of a keg race that took place at his apartment Senior year.  

My what a long description... why are you still reading... click 'play' and ENJOY!


What happens when you've got way too much going on in your day, your dog starts barking for no reason and you're running behind on schedule? Then, thanks to your go-to liqour store changing locations down the street, you add a few extra minutes and miss your train. So what's one to do  Well, Victor has his own solutions that feed his growing motivation to NOT drive anymore.

Nothing eases the unease of a stressful day like our favorite segment, Fun With Words! Is Rix as smart as he thinks he is? Victor tests him with some unusual words he found in preparing for a scene in his class at Second City Chicago.

And finally, a special moment witnessed by Rix after their last episode.  All we'll say is that it involved a language barrier coming down in an instant and a transformation of humanity you have to witness firsthand to understand.

In a light-hearted episode number 26, we hope you... enjoy!


BELTS! BELTS! BELTS! Ever get that, "My pants don't fit" feeling?  We do!  Why do they fit so snug in the store and after a few months they seem to be too loose? Mystery solved during this episode of Stream of Thought.  Not really but it's entertaining for a few moments before Victor discusses his encounter with a homelessman and how that man stole his beer. Remember back in school when rumors were deemed as facts.  Interesting how today's world also finds slander to be incontrovertibly true, especially when it deals with public figures even though the individuals on social media no nothing about them.  Yes, there were, are, and still to come moments in YOUR life that can be put under a microscope to make you look like a demon even though you're an angel at heart.  /ejəˈkāSH(ə)n...eddUka.shon...ed..u..ca..tion? What is the ultimate outcome? Grades or a nostaligic journey to enlightenmnet? ADDERALL!!! Listen as Rix and Victor discuss their vast differences of opinion regarding our education system, and more importanly, their personal experience.  Buckle Up, Bitch.  It's GO TIME!


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