February 18, 2018

Ep. 69 - Assume the Position

Time Managment. How advanced would our society be if 99% of the population didn't get sucked into the vortex of meaningless social media posts/updates. Why is it that we crave constant information and what can we do to discipline ourselves in a world that constantly requires our attention, or so we think? GUNS, a subject in the abyss of opinions that recently saturated the internet. Big thank you to everybody that feels the need to express their thoughts and feelings regarding every facet of every topic ever... NOT. Would people express the same opinion/tone in a in-person conversation that that over the world wide web?

February 16, 2018

Ep. 68 - Moral Ambiguity

Health and wellness.  A healthy life is a happy life. Running outside versus running on the treadmill. You roll a stop sign but nobody is around to see it happen. Did you "break" the law? What happen when following the law actually presents a potential threat to the safety of others? Strong facts versus weak facts. How do they hold value and can any dumbass throw them around arbitrarily? The last year as obviously proven that to be true..

February 11, 2018

Ep. 67 - All You Need is Love

Victor and Rix briefly discuss the recent (heavy) snowfall in the Chicagoland area. Rix's brother gets stuck in the driveway, Victor's dad buys a snowblower and salt is taking over!! Also, Victor hurt his thumb? Too bad, so sad :/ Then, Religion and Spirituality: a dissection of the higher powers that be.

February 8, 2018

Ep. 66 - Nakita Collins

Welcome to a VERY SPECIAL episode of Stream of Thought featuring Nakita Collins (youtube.com/justnakitavlogs)! Nakita's an old friend from back when we were all YouTubing together. Now Nakita is back to give an update on how her YouTube pursuits are going. With her channel focusing on Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle, we cover all those topics, along with how YouTube is changing, the state of our national politics and culture (#MeToo) as well as some movies and shows that are transformative for Nakita and Victor (while Rix gets scolded for not seeing these "must see" shows). A high-paced and entertaining show, episode 66 of Stream of Thought is not only the longest podcast we've taped but it also goes by the fastest. So buckle in and as always, we hope you... enjoy!

Check out Nakita's channel at JustNakitaVlogs on YouTube!




It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and what do Rix and Victor talk about?? NOT the Patriots vs. Eagles. Why? Because it would become super outdated super fast, sooooo, they talk about about camping instead and the not so smooth problem Victor had to solve while he backpacked in Colorado. The conversation then finds its way into sports and where they sit on the list of priorities for Victor and Rix. WARNING: Listener may experience mild, but tolerable, rants from "Venting Victor". We hope you.. enjoy!

February 2, 2018

Ep. 64 - Hidden Treasures

Rix is back from Florida, Victor found some treasure, and it’s still cold as ballz in the Midwest! Why Rix could not bring back some warmth from the Sunshine State we’ll never know… On today’s episode of Stream of Thought Victor shares with us the small tool he discovered and why it provides him with so much value, Rix dissects the State of the Union address and the two wrap things up with ADS ADS ADS. BUY THIS! BUT THAT! MONEY!!!! "No, we're perfectly content with our current footwear and cellular device..." With that being said, we hope you... enjoy!


And we're back for Part II with Twin Brothers Greg and Mike Coady! If you missed their previous appearance on Stream of Thought, be sure to go back to Episode 40 to catch up on what they divulged (do it. extremely entertaining). It's been nearly 3 months since their last appearance with Rix and Victor and the four are back at Second City Chicago. Get an idea for their future aspirations as actors, what the two are currently doing now, and of course, a couple more stories that would make any loving mother shit her pants.  And without further delay, we present to you the 63rd Episode of Stream of Thought; Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Greg and Mike Coady...

January 25, 2018

Ep. 62 - Ron DiCicco

Join us on a special episode of Stream of Thought as actor/comedian, Ron DiCicco, joins the conversation. Taped at Second City Chicago, Ron discusses his roots in the comedy scene, why he has a passion for acting, and what inpsired him to move from Detroit to Chicago. Be sure to savor every moment as this enounter is certain to become a "hidden gem" upon the whirlwind of publicity sure to envelop the talents of Ron DiCicco in the near future. With that being said, "turn off your mind, relax and float down stream" as we dive into another pool of consciousness we call, Stream of Thought.

January 21, 2018

Ep. 61 - “Docking”

Hide yo kids, hide you wife because the internet is watching! On today's episode of Stream of Thought Victor and Rix have an in depth converstation regarding the negative aspects of social media and how it cripples the very nature of humans beings interacting with one another.  The two also discuss exciting, yet sCaRY, technological advancements and what people can do to remain "safe" from unwanted observation. Intermingled in the conversation an LOL moment when Victor teaches Rix a new vocabulary word. Hop onboard as we bridge another gap and as usual, "We hope you... Enjoy".


We're back in rare form for episode 60 of Stream of Thought. Oh yes, the conversations range from Victor's ancient earbuds to his all-grey attire and some other fun and pointless bullshit. But around 25 minutes in we hit on a topic that's sure to engage some thoughts; the #MeToo movement and Aziz Ansari. This is a tricky topic and Victor and Rix walk the tightrope of two white guys on a topic they're actually pretty unfamiliar with. And then, the nature of human emotion and reaction. How do we interact with one another, can we brush off negetivity and embrace the positive? Find out on this surreal episode of Stream of Thought!


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