August 9, 2017

Ep. 16 - Heretical Deviant

Victor and Rix are back again, and this time it's all about mischievous behavior and benevolent people. For Victor's amusement, he shares a story from high school about a room full of teenagers packed like sardines, the police, and a couple collapsed fences. Rix, not having anything near as exciting from his own teenage years, talks a little about just how much trouble seminary students actually get in, and how that life behind the ivory towers of religious education are nothing like you might think (if you've never talked to a seminarian before).

This all comes around to what being a good person actually looks like, why we prefer charity that becomes from our own hands and not necessarily our wallets, and for anyone's amusement at the very end, some bullshit about how we can't get the sound just right after 16 episodes.


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